Gabriela Berrios

Puerto Rico will be fielding Gabriela Berrios Pagan to the 2014 Miss Universe pageant. That particular contest is very popular, when the contest is actually happening. But few people really pay attention to the happenings before the actual coronation happens. However, if you visit the […]

Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story

Like all good things in life, a good story isn’t hurried. Nothing ever worth noticing comes out of an endeavor that’s rushed, or that’s done in haste. Which is why aging has been a very important factor for the components of the Arturo Fuente Hemingway […]

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Seven Stills Whipnose Whiskey

Any guesses on why this drink is called what it is? From the artisanal hands behind the Seven Stills of San Francisco comes the Whipnose Whiskey. If you haven’t got a clue yet, ‘whipnose’ is the whip of hop aroma that you get upon cracking […]

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Michea Crawford

Third appearance in as many years for Michea Crawford in the Game Room. It’s a shame really, that we haven’t seen this Canadian cutie. Bikini and lingerie companies ought to be looking Michea’s way, since she can provide a lot of pulling power for their […]

Gibson Lucille 65th Anniversary

Very few guitars get the honor of having a name for itself. Sure, there are plenty of axes with quirky names but mostly, they’re the model names that the manufacturer have christened it with. None will probably have the interesting backstory as the “Lucille”. One […]

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Bose SoundTouch Outdoor

Now’s the perfect time to lounge around the perimeter of your house (by the garden or the pool). And what better way to experience the outdoors than with musical accompaniment? Hitting the right notes is the new Bose SoundTouch outdoor speaker system. Hung by the […]

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Rachel Stevens

Third time’s a real charm for Rachel Stevens as far as appearances in Out of Aces are concerned. She hasn’t been seen this side of the Game Room for quite some time now and that’s a shame. But her comeback is of the epic proportions. […]

Charity: Water Blue

We really can’t stress this enough – more people are killed each day from water-borne diseases than war and other violent ways. The world needs clean water and we can help provide that for those most in need. Charity: water has been in the fight […]

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Linley Hip Flask

Get your drink on, whenever you please and wherever you are in the world with this nifty item. Hip flasks are often overlooked at this day and age. Viscount David Linley changes that with this lovely leather hip flask. Most variants feature a shiny exterior […]

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Emma Glover

Some people think that the only way is Essex. And if said people look like Emma Glover here, then who are we to deny? We’d follow her to the ends of the Earth. Alright to be fair, we won’t actually stalk her but we’d be […]