Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary

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A good number of our readers weren’t even alive yet when Master Distiller Jimmy Russell started working for Wild Turkey. For his immense contribution to the company and the sheer length of his tenure, the company decided to dedicate the Diamond Anniversary Bourbon in his honor. The drink is a combination of hand-picked barrels from 13 to 16 years by Jimmy’s son, Eddie. Be treated to the sweet nose with a fruity taste of apples and oranges before tasting the creamy body. The sweetness continues all throughout your drinking experience, making this drink a true masterpiece. And rightfully so, since it’s dedicated to a true master himself. Don’t get too carried away by it’s smoothness however, because this Wild Turkey blend still has a mean bite at 91 proof. Those who are pedantic enough to point out that 60 years isn’t a ‘Diamond Anniversary’ should know that Wild Turkey is doing it for a purpose. This is the closest milestone for the master. THat said, wait for the anniversary drink’s release come August. $125.

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