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Hawaii sounds just about right for an escape this winter season. But the choices for a place to go in that fabulous group of islands is just astonishing. Helping you in your decision is this fantastic piece of real estate. Normally, when you wanna go see a magnificent waterfall, you’d have to trek through miles and miles of jungle, fight hordes of insects and all that. That’s not the way to go because when you’re in the Waterfalling Estate, then the falls is just in your backyard, literally. Located on a bluff fronting the mighty Pacific Ocean, the residence is on 8.08 acres of unmatched beauty on the North Hilo District of Ninole, Hawaii. The multi-story home has five bedrooms and eight baths. It has its own elevator for accessing all floors, and a deck that can convert into a helipad. Within the grounds are Olympic-size swimming and diving pools, a sauna and a wet bar. Luxury translates to the inside as well, but I seriously doubt you’d wanna stay indoors when presented these magnificent views. This piece of property is on the more expensive side, however. Then again, who ever said beauty comes cheap? $26.5 million.

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