Variety Box Summer 2014

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Spice up your game of cards for the whole of Summer 2014 with this neat Variety Box from Dan and Dave. The boys have really gone out of their way to select some of the finest in their collection for this package. Included in the box are the following decks: Thick Lines, Virtuosos Spring/Summer Edition, HMNIM, Exquisite, Bold, Clip Joint, Arrco Tahoe, Private Reserve, Bee RJRTC, Bruce Lee v2, Smoke and Mirrors Carbon, Deckstarter and the Special Edition Red Box of the Whispering Imps. We’ve seen some of those decks before and we can assure you of the quality and beauty of those featured in the Variety Box. The package itself is a special carton with a plastic window for displaying the collection. Only 144 samples of the special package will be sold so quick action on your part is in order. $150.

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