Top 20 Portuguese Girls

Talk about some guilty pleasures, and hot on the trails of our Top 20 Spanish Girls list comes their oh so sexy next door neighbor, Portugal. There is no use in trying to explain what makes these girls so unbelievably hot when there are so many good pictures to go along with it. Nothing like a nice sexy and curvy European girls. These uninhibited chicks have bodies of goddesses and are not afraid to show it at all. Check out all Top 20 Portuguese Girls!

Ana Ferreira

Vanessa Palma

Catarina Jardim

Sara Hilario

Sara Santos

Mikaela Castro

Carla Salguiero

Catarina Gouveia

Claudia Borges

Helena Coelho

Sara Kostov

Bastet Xutos

Sara Aleixo

Suzana Pragosa

Joana Duarte

Diana Pereira

Marina Rodrigues

Sofia Ribeiro

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  1. 08-06-2011 at 6:48 pm

    I like your stature and I will like to get the details of you

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