Top 10 Hungarian Hotties

Hungary is a country that usually entices those who talk about it, to make silly jokes about the name pertaining to wanting to eat. That is all well and good, but there are a whole lot of hot girls coming out of Hungary and we want to introduce to 10 of them that we think are the hottest. These girls make us Hungary for more. Come on, you knew we had to do just one.

Polgar Krisztina: Wet & Wild

Because that look in her eyes is to die for.

Orsi Kocsis: The Hot Hungarian

Because winning Hungary Playmate of the Year 2005 is good enough for us.

Stephanie Rotuna: Fashion Curves

No list would be complete without a prized lingerie and swimsuit model, and that’s where Stephanie Rotuna steps in.

Labancz Lilla: Sporty and Sexy

Labancz makes our lift for pulling off sportswear so well.

Kis Hegedus Reka: Hungarian Goddess

For showing off the goods.

Dukai Regina: Hungary Honey

Because she just wears that swimsuit so well.

Debreczeni Zita: Making Me Hungary

If doing the housework in a thong doesn’t get a girl on this list, then nothing will.

Bodi Sylvi: Body Beautiful

Because she’s the type of girl that you have to try hard to keep up with.

Bánhidi Vivien: Hungarian Honey

We don’t care if we can’t find any information on her that isn’t in Hungarian, she’s hot enough without talking.

and last, but certainly not least…

Anette Dawn: Truly Blessed

Because that rack looks great on such a slender body.

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  1. 08-06-2009 at 11:01 am

    High tec peg-style saw

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