Julia Lescova

Things are looking great for Julia Lescova. She’s been featured in many magazines and publications already, but she keeps her feet firmly planted to the ground. Based on her latest tweet, Julia explains that success shouldn’t go into anyone’s head. That’s good attitude, no matter […]

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Talita Correa

Contrary to popular belief, not all women look for a dude with a chiseled face, flat abs or a fat wallet. Those can help, but if you’re dumb as a brick, then you don’t even stand a chance with Talita Correa. The Brazilian babe thinks […]

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Lucy Pinder

If there’s anybody who knows how to have a really Merry Christmas, it’s those lovely people at them British ‘lad mags.’ Year in and year out, they never fail to deliver the goods, and by goods we mean babes like Lucy Pinder all jolly and […]

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Barbara Palvin

You do understand that we’re gift-givers here and we like everyone to have nothing but Aces right? Whenever Barbara Palvin appears, then that’s another high card for us. The fact that she’s a Victoria’s Secret model is enough to warrant all the galleries we’ll be […]

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Maria Melilo

A body like hers, coupled with that pretty face, only spells disaster for her website. It’s down at the moment, due to excessive browsing by people from around the world. Or that could be down because no one’s maintaining it, due to Maria’s busy schedule. […]

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Priscila Monroe

Been an incredibly long time since we last saw the beautiful Priscila Monroe. She’s quietly doing her own stuff, and doing what she does best which is model for lingerie and swimsuit brands. Recently, it was Gap which saw her services and boy did she […]

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Rayanne Morais

We’re glad to welcome back Rayanne Morais to our tables. Seeing her new photos must be akin to getting a royal flush – it just doesn’t get any better. The beautiful Brazilian was a former beauty queen who’s now banking on her God-given gifts to […]

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Wealthy Wheels Frat Fury

Catrinel Menghia

Romania might be abuzz with activity in the following weeks, seeing that Halloween is getting closer. The country’s the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, said to be the inspiration for Dracula. On a totally unrelated note, Catrinel Menghia is also from Romania, though she’s in […]

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Larisa Fraser

As we all know, ‘costume season’ is fast approaching. We mean Halloween, in case you’re having trouble remembering. And we’re all excited because of babes looking doubly hot because of their costumes, as demonstrated in some of these photos, featuring Larisa Fraser. Nothing about her […]

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Behati Prinsloo

As we all can agree, models are the very definition of beauty. But what if that beauty is coupled with an uncanny sense of humor? Then you’ve got somebody like Behati Prinsloo. That combo is actually rare, since people usually consider models as lifeless mannequins. […]

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