Cirrus Vision SF50

Prop planes are fun and enjoyable to fly by yourself. The joy stops though when you find out that it doesn’t fly has high or as fast as their jet counterparts. Looking to solve that problem is the Cirrus Vision SF50. Think of this personal […]

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A new company in Poland is offering a no-frills, all-go personal jet. The FLARIS LAR 1 is a fast, long-range aircraft that could fly five people at a moment’s notice. It may not have the luxury amenities as its competition since the LAR 1 wasn’t […]

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Saker S-1 Personal Jet

Saker S-1 Personal Jet Why ride a plane or fall in line for a G6 ride when you can have your own jet? The Saker S-1 Personal Jet is definitely only for the elite and those who have so much extra bills for other stuff. […]

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Learjet 85 AirCraft

Have your own fractional share in Learjet business Jet. The Learjet 85 AirCraft is all-new and features a revolutionary, clean-sheet design by Bombardier. You’ll surely get luxurious benefits from this classy and elegant plane. The Learjet 85 is now available for exclusive pre-purchase.

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Honda Jet 2012

Honda is now ready to conquer the skies with their very first light business aircraft, the HondaJet. The company has been successful in their series of test flights and analysis conducted recently. The HondaJet weigh approximately 10 thousand pounds with capacity of 8 passengers in […]

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Icon A5 Personal Aircraft

Icon A5 Personal Aircraft The Icon A5 Personal Aircraft is about as sleek as a luxury sports car at about the same price. This whole baby was designed to make flying as easy as possible. This aircraft features a carbon fiber frame and an engine […]

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