Christina Zapolski

Most tall models don’t appear photogenic in some angles, but that’s not the case for Christina Zapolski. This model is half-an-inch closer to six feet. That is 4.5 inches more than the average height of American girls. Photographers love her flexibility in front of the […]

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Adriana Cernanova

The alluring Adriana Cernanova is back once more. This time, she’s more feisty and has full display of sexiness. After being considered as one of the hottest Slovakian models of all time, Adriana comes out from her comfort zone. She now appears in many fashion […]

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Eliana Franco

The 34-year-old Eliana Franco is a TV host and model from Colombia. She’s a real head-turner and followed by 40,000 loyal subjects on her social page. However, she’s still unknown to the English-speaking communities. To bridge that gap, we feature this busty babe from the […]

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Maria Patricia Montoya

The exhibition of the hotness of Maria Patricia Montoya is plentiful in this post. She’s a lingerie and bikini model joining our list of gorgeous Colombian girls. She’s one of those babse we love to see wearing tight jeans or pants in any given day. […]

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Paula Labaredas

Paula Labaredas I found the 2012 movie Attack of the 50ft Cheerleader extremely hilarious. It’s not really that good, but the hot girls that include Paula Labaredas made me watch it ’til the end. Aside from acting, Paula is also into modeling. She is of […]

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Ximena Montenegro

She may not be one of the most googled girls, but once you know Ximena Montenegro, you would certainly search and dig for more pictures of this hottie. She studied International Business, along with balancing a career in modeling. Considering her unique beauty and curvaceous […]

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Gabriela Rabelo

Gabriela Rabelo Gabriela Robelo is back with the latest fashion and lingerie photos for Macy’s. Now we have a chance to rate how she have grown up since featured here a few years ago. This Brazilian model from Sau Paulo is now 23-years-old. Gabriela went […]

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Jennah Anderson

Jennah Anderson True blonde beauty, Jennah Anderson has it. You cannot simply take away your eyes from her. She’s got those deadly curves, a sweet smile and just a natural pack of hotness. She is a Canadian fashion model best known for her many lingerie […]

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Casie Kimball

We find it cool knowing new stuffs with good features and unique purposes. But what about girls? If you have a thing for cheerleaders, or maybe for an outdoorsy type of girl, then you should meet this stunning Californian model, Casie Kimball. She’s really gifted […]

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Danica Thrall

Aside from physical appearance and cool attitude, what do you think would impress a girl? If your target is someone who loves to eat like Danica Thrall, then I guess it wouldn’t be that tough. If given a chance, you could show her how skilled […]

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