Brittney Rane

Brittney Rane is 21-year old hottie and model from San Francisco. She became famous for becoming one of Maxim’s Hometown Hotties. She has also been featured in Kaboom Magazine and Bullz-Eye Magazine. Brittney has also been named 2011 Sexiest Leprechaun, has worked on a music […]

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Meredith Parker

Meredith Parker balances her time as a model and as a student. She’s totally one of the hotties in her campus. Proof to that is her selection as the 2010 Maxim Hometown Hottie finalist. She has posed for several magazines as well, like Swimwear, Glamour, […]

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Carolina Sanchez

Carolina Sanchez was a Maxim Hometown Hottie. Yes, that title alone is proof that this model from Vancouver, Canada is a certified sexy babe. Aside from modeling, she also works as an Office Administrator. She likes the Chicago Bulls and Johnny Depp. You should really […]

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Rachel Kagay

Rachel Kagay was on the top ten on Maxim 2008 Hometown Hotties finals. When she got the news, she could barely believe it and even thought that she was being pranked. But the results were true and it’s no wonder why she became a finalist […]

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