Disney Golden Oak Marceline Neighborhood

If you’re searching for a new luxury home within Walt Disney World, make sure to check out this new neighborhood. The Marceline offers pre-designed luxury homes with eight architectural styles, depending on your taste. The houses are architecturally inspired by Italian, Dutch, Spanish, and Tuscan […]

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Acorn Farm

Enjoy your seclusion amidst beautiful, landscaped sceneries and tranquil views within the Acorn Farm. Nestled in the heart of Rembert, South Carolina, USA, the property has a five-bedroom, eight-bath house that’s inspired by the works of Frank Lloyd Wright. While you’ll no doubt have fun […]

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Above the Clouds

Soar high over everybody else with this magnificent property. Perched atop a rocky ledge on the Green Mountains, Above the Clouds is a four-bedroom, tri-level beauty on 15 acres of a fantastic location in Stowe, Vermont. The house has an indoor pool and its own […]

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SF’s Highest Point of Luxury

Offering spectacular views from one of the highest points in one of the most luxurious cities in the world is this beautiful estate. Sitting atop Greenwich Street in San Francisco, California, the seven-bedroom, seven-and-a-half-bath home looks like the French townhouses of old. See the most […]

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Castillo Caribe

Death and taxes are unavoidable, as the saying goes. But not if you’re in the Cayman Islands. No, you won’t turn immortal there, but at least you can avoid the local taxes in the British Overseas Territory. When you consider that, you’ll see that Castillo […]

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Hollywood Hills House

Here’s a beautiful home tucked in the Hollywood Hills with approximately 53,000-square feet of living space. This home is on sale but it was at one time a film studio and a secret military base. Just so you know, this studio has produced about 20,000 […]

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