Francesca Fioretti

The sultry of Francesca Fioretti has fueled our interest of knowing her better. She’s an Italian lingerie model and reality TV actress that has appeared on many men’s magazines in Europe. That of course include the big names such as Playboy, Maxim and FHM. We […]

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Daniela Pinedo

She may model for Ellipse but Daniela Pinedo is driving my eyes in circles. That’s because I can’t properly focus on what to concentrate on first. It could be her exquisitely beautiful face, her properly proportioned body or the totality of her existence. Whatever the […]

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Carla Ossa

A full year and a half without Carla Ossa in our corner is not an experience worth repeating. So we’re making amends now and welcoming back this gorgeous model. Some may argue that her galleries have become predictable. These photos will surely say the contrary. […]

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Olinda Castaneda

Her children thinks she’s the prettiest mother in the world, and after seeing some of her shots, we’re inclined to say the same. Olinda CastaƱeda has two kids already, though you’d never really see it in her smoking figure. She maintains that through constant trips […]

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Sofia Jaramillo

There’d be a lot less war and suffering in the world if we all follow Sofia Jaramillo’s philosophy. It’s not actually difficult, because it involves believing in a higher power, loving your work and loving your family. A little romance in between working really hard […]

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Heidie Rosa

The expression ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ has been played as long as the city has existed. But it doesn’t necessarily happen. Things and people do get out of Sin City, just like Heidie Rosa here. Part Spanish and part Mexican, Heidie works […]

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Tatiana De Los Rios

We may travel the world and see all beautiful things that the planet has to offer, but at the end of the day, home is still where our heart remains. Tatiana De Los Rios feels the same about Colombia. She was born and raised in […]

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Carol Seleme

Carol Seleme Here’s one real Latina that’s more than just spicy hot. Carol Seleme is a Brazilian model famous for being a calendar girl. And, as we all know, most calendar girls really have that tempting, mesmerizing look. She also does other modeling projects aside […]

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Maria Melilo

A body like hers, coupled with that pretty face, only spells disaster for her website. It’s down at the moment, due to excessive browsing by people from around the world. Or that could be down because no one’s maintaining it, due to Maria’s busy schedule. […]

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Vanessa Fonseca

Big, big day for Brazil once again as all eyes are on the city of Rio de Janeiro for the conclusion of the 2012 Formula 1 season. And because of that, we’re featuring another smoking hot Brazilian with Vanessa Fonseca, who’s from that city as […]

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