Anri Sugihara

When someone talks about things they notice about Japanese girls, their almond eyes and flawless white skin comes first, then an image of their cute smiles and charming face will follow. Here’s Anri Sugihara, showing us what we’re talking about. She’s flooding the web with […]

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Natsuko Tatsumi

While gravure idols were busy striking a pose in front of the camera, some people describe their work as cute, naughty, daring or even weird. But no matter how we define their shots, their effectiveness when it comes to luring and getting our attention cannot […]

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Rika Kawamura

Knowing the fact that Tokyo, Japan is considered as one of the most expensive cities in the world, you better have enough dough if you want to go there just to try their bento box or simply want to see those charming girls. And if […]

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Amanda Kay

Amanda Kay is the prime product when you mix a girl’s cuteness and hotness together. And I dare you to disagree that this alluring model with a Japanese and Irish blood is as hot as any popular model that you’ve known. I’m kind of proud […]

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Mariko Okubo

Sometimes we find it really hard to recall their names, but we simply can’t forget about their charming faces. I’m talking about Japanese gravure idols, and that includes Mariko Okubo. This Fukuoka native is already 27 years old, but she still looks like a teen, […]

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Satomi Shigemori

In honor of Japan’s win at the Women’s World Cup of Soccer, I’m proud to introduce you to Satomi Shigemori. The country has suffered too much this year, what with the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown all in one month. The people could use some […]

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Aya Kiguchi

Reading the hobbies that Aya Kiguichi is in to will baffle your mind. She likes going to the gym, calligraphy and horseback riding. We can understand that last item because there’s no better feeling than the wind in your hair when you ride a fast […]

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Yui Ichikawa

Celebrating her 25th birthday tomorrow, February 10, is Yui Ichikawa. This Japanese hottie has conquered most, if not all, of her country’s challenges for a model and actress and it’s about time that the world noticed. Viewers with a keen eye and good memory may […]

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Atsuko Yamaguchi

Atsuko Yamaguchi is a gravure idol from Tokyo, Japan. She appeared several times in local TV shows. You might think that she doesn’t have much to offer and was often described as skinny, but her beautiful face and innocent look can fill all of her […]

Megumi Fukushita

You’d think that we’re cussing in the name of our next model but we really couldn’t. Megumi Fukushita is her real name and she’s a real model from Japan. What started with a couple of shoots for an agency led to a colorful career. Megumi […]

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