Emily Ratajkowski

Lots of people are probably explaining right now, who in the heck is Robin Thicke? Alright, to be fair, the dude had a massive hit last year with ‘Blurred Lines’, a song that’s totally questionable. However, the saving grace for that notorious track was the […]

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Alena Otto

It’s a kind of magic, seeing beautiful ladies like Alena Otto. While she belongs to a whole bunch of modeling agencies, none of them have listed anything about her whereabouts. What we can deduce from her many galleries is that Alena is a successful fashion […]

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Michella Cruz

A lot of girls have been compared to Angelina Jolie but few match the expectations. Somebody who exceeds that is the Brazilian beauty Michella Cruz. She has been a fashion model for the past decade or so and she reminds people of the Hollywood superstar, […]

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Tiffany Taylor

Who would be dumb enough to take a nap beside Tiffany Taylor when she’s looking like this? One of her latest works for Playboy has the title ‘Nap Time Lover‘ but a shuteye would be the last thing on our minds when going beside Miss […]

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Natasha Barnard

Do you ever feel that the statement ‘Natasha Barnard is the face of Wonderbra’ is inherently problematic? We really appreciate her gorgeous face and all, but she’s modeling brassiere so we are predisposed to look at the area beneath her chin and between her navel. […]

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Megan Young

The Philippine archipelago will be represented by Megan Young at the 2013 Miss World beauty pageant in another archipelago – Indonesia. Before plunging into the world of pageants, Megan was an actress and VJ in several shows in the Philippines. A lot of people questioned […]

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Aida Martinez

Why anyone would wanna lay a finger on somebody as beautiful as Aida Martinez is beyond me. Some men are just jerks by nature I guess. But Aida is a fighter and she has overcome that dark episode in her life. The pretty Peruvian is […]

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Justyna Gradek

If we were to grade Polish model Justyna Gradek on her looks alone, she would most definitely get an A+. Very little has been written about her but the galleries that she has put up are nothing short of astonishing. She has spent her time […]

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Isabeli Fontana

Adding her star power to a worthwhile movement is Isabeli Fontana. The world-famous fashion model lent her services for Rotary International’s End Polio Campaign. She is in good company, as influential people from around the planet are joining in the Look to the Stars campaign. […]

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Daniela Pinedo

She may model for Ellipse but Daniela Pinedo is driving my eyes in circles. That’s because I can’t properly focus on what to concentrate on first. It could be her exquisitely beautiful face, her properly proportioned body or the totality of her existence. Whatever the […]

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