Danita Paner

The bright lights, the lifestyle and the craziness of show business shouldn’t come as a surprise to Danita Paner. The Filipina singer and actress comes from a family of stars, including a sister who made a killing decades ago, and a mom who was more […]

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DJ Megan

FHM Philippines online babe for this month is no other than DJ Megan. She is one of the most popular disk jockeys in the country. Aside from her beautiful voice and out-going personality, this Filipina also has a sizzling, gorgeous body. Take a peek at […]

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Melanie Iglesias

Just by looking at a box, you wouldn’t know what’s inside unless you open it. Same goes with this stunning New Yorker, Melanie Iglesias. Hidden in that innocent-looking face is a talented singer and song writer. And if you’re wondering why she got this exotic […]

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Amaya Miu

Just like how mixed drinks make every occasion more interesting and fun, the girls with mixed beauties also add some spice and pleasure wherever they go. Take for example, this stunning import model, Amaya Miu. Don’t you think that every auto show would be more […]

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Estelle Hammersley

Throwing the hammer down is the Gold Coast beauty Estelle Hammersley. She’s a mix of Filipino, English, Spanish and American heritage, but confides that her beauty must be attributed to her Filipino blood. I couldn’t agree more. She was also a contestant for the Miss […]

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Marielle Landi

A sure fire way for a successful modeling agency is to have a founder who’s deep into the business. That’s the situation for Marielle Landi. The half-Filipina, half-Italian model comes from a family of models so naturally, she and her sister gravitated into the industry. […]

Paulene So

Paulene So is labeled in the Philippines as one of the hottest FHM Vixens ever. She has a Filipino-Chinese blood that turns into a fuel whenever she’s burning hot in photoshoots and in the catwalk. She appeared in many magazine covers, billboard ads and commercials. […]

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Wealthy Wheels Frat Fury

Sam Pinto

Sam Pinto appeared as a model in many gadget magazines and sometimes dubbed as the Philippines’ IT-girl. She became known after being a part in the Philippine version of the Big Brother reality series. Sam showcases her curves and pretty face in various print-ads and […]

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Solenn Heussaff

One of the most gorgeous and talented hybrid Filipina beauty I’ve known is Solen Heussaff. Miss Solen is a Filipino-French professional model, fashion designer, painter, VJ and make-up artist. Honestly I’m one of her online stalkers. I keep checking her Twitter page to see some […]

Leah Dizon

Have you ever met the girl of your dreams? If you are still searching for her then Leah Dizon would definitely make all of your dreams come true. She’s one fine lady with great talent for singing. Leah is currently pursuing her singing career. You […]

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