Herika Noronha

It’s been a while since Herika Noronha was in our Game Room. This time around, she’s doing her best Bond Girl impression with her latest project. Like a lot of the hotties that we’ve featured, Herika is Brazilian and she grew up near the country’s […]

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Gabriela Assis

Please help us in welcoming Gabriela Assis into the Game Room for the first time. The beautiful Brazilian model has been off our radars for a while but now she’s here and it’s all good. She’s been in the fashion scene for a good number […]

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Luana Mourato

Never did she imagine that she’ll be a successful model but it happened to Luana Mourato. Though we’re not the least surprised that she turned out this way because she comes from a place that’s overflowing with beauties – Brazil. She has conquered most of […]

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Elisandra Tomacheski

It’s been over a year since we last saw Elisandra Tomacheski in our Game Rooms. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing (as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder), it’s borderline criminal not to see her for this long. It’s not really her […]

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Catiane Lauser

After visiting The Mansion a few years back, we’re glad to welcome Catiane Lauser to the Game Room. She’s Brazilian, which explains her fabulous look and her incredible body. By modeling standards, she’s not too tall at just 5’7″, but her physique more than makes […]

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Adriana Lima

Surprise, surprise, Adriana Lima is on the cover of Vogue Brazil. Alright, that doesn’t come as a shocker because she was born to be the cover of any magazine. What’s surprising though is the fact that we haven’t seen her in our game room for […]

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Gracie Carvalho

Head on over to St. Tropez and maybe, you’ll get a glimpse of the glorious Gracie Carvalho. She’s there for a shoot and she wouldn’t mind a paparazzi shot, just as long as said pap is a toddler carrying and iPhone. Seriously, paparazzi shots aren’t […]

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Michella Cruz

A lot of girls have been compared to Angelina Jolie but few match the expectations. Somebody who exceeds that is the Brazilian beauty Michella Cruz. She has been a fashion model for the past decade or so and she reminds people of the Hollywood superstar, […]

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Isabeli Fontana

Adding her star power to a worthwhile movement is Isabeli Fontana. The world-famous fashion model lent her services for Rotary International’s End Polio Campaign. She is in good company, as influential people from around the planet are joining in the Look to the Stars campaign. […]

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Juliana Silveira

Soap operas, as we’ve stated many times before, are a good source for seeing beautiful babes. They may not offer a compelling plot and most, if not all, can’t be good viewing for children. Unless of course the soap opera is intended for them younglings, […]

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