Gabriela Berrios

Puerto Rico will be fielding Gabriela Berrios Pagan to the 2014 Miss Universe pageant. That particular contest is very popular, when the contest is actually happening. But few people really pay attention to the happenings before the actual coronation happens. However, if you visit the […]

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Lisa Opie

If you want to date someone as hot and as beautiful as Lisa Opie, you better know how to open doors when on a date. In other words, all you’ve got to do is act like a true-blooded gentleman. That tells us something about this […]

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Natalia Pereverzeva

Controversial Russian beauty queen Natalia Pereverzeva is back and she’s hot as ever. You might recall that Russia’s representative to the 2012 Miss Earth pageant was hounded by controversy, following her appearance in Playboy. But that’s all water under the bridge now, as they say, […]

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Rozanna Purcell

Beauty queens tend to become excellent models, thanks to their height and amazing good looks. Just like the path taken by Rozanna Purcell. Miss Universe Ireland 2010 just celebrated her 22nd birthday and this is our small tribute to her. She was one of the […]

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Liza Berggren

Liza Berggren was discovered after winning the Miss World Sweden way back in 2005. She has since then continued to turn hotter and hotter, and more beautiful as ever. She has also entered the fashion world by becoming a model. As a model, she has […]

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Megan Young

The Philippine archipelago will be represented by Megan Young at the 2013 Miss World beauty pageant in another archipelago – Indonesia. Before plunging into the world of pageants, Megan was an actress and VJ in several shows in the Philippines. A lot of people questioned […]

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Olivia Wells

Winning Miss Australia 2013 is infinitely better than doing homework, as what Olivia Wells found out. The medical student figured that the world needs to see her beauty, inside and out, which is why she joined the pageant. She’s the first lady from the Victoria […]

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Macri Elena Velez Sanchez

We’ll never have enough of this beauty queen who’s making a return to our pages. We can’t just ignore her undying beauty and unrivaled sexiness. Macri Elena Velez Sanchez last visited us, wearing sexy swimwear and we couldn’t be happier. That is, until she wore […]

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Jennifer Hawkins

If there’s one person in the planet who has gotten even sexier, younger, and hotter as she got older, it’s no other than Jennifer Hawkins. No wonder why many of us keep featuring her here because she’s just timeless. Unfortunately for those who are hoping […]

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Olivia Aristizabal

For beautiful girls like Olivia Aristizabal, there’s no better service they can render for their country than be themselves. She wanted to be an architect and a lawyer in her youth, but neither one panned out. What followed is something that really revealed what Olivia […]

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