Ivana Saccani

This month would mark exactly one year since we last featured Ivana Saccani in our sister site. She may have taken that long to release another gallery but it’s sure worth the wait. Ivana may be likened to that poker player who watches and waits […]

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Belen Rodriguez

Belen Rodriguez is one of the hottest WAGS remembered since that time she was still the girlfriend of Italian soccer player Marco Borriello. She is an Argentinian showgirl, model, TV personality and actress who resides and works in Italy. One of her hottest photo shoots […]

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Zaira Nara

Zaira Nara is an Argentinean babe who is a model but became popular when she started dating Atletico Madrid’s, Diego Forlan. This WAG has really got some natural beauty…..Soccer players always get the hot ones. Even Zaira’s sister, Wanda, is a total hottie and she […]

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Karina Jelinek

Karina Jelinek Karina Jelinek started modeling at the age of 16, and then she just kept moving up from there. Buenos Aires helped her to build her career even further. Now, she has to be one of Argentina’s biggest exports. Now let me shut up […]

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Lais Navarro

We love Brazilian girls because of their posture and intoxicating beauty. Here’s a good sample of a natural Brazilian babe, Lais Navarro de Oliveira. But this hottie is a half-Brazilian and half-Argentine which makes her beauty very unique from the rest, that’s probably one of […]

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Soledad Ainesa

People are now aware of some model’s eating disorders but it’s still evident that the disease is still there. All over the world, you’ll see rail-thin models walking the runways and Soledad Ainesa wants to change that. This Argentine supermodel believes in the traditional way […]

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Clara Alonso

We really need to get ourselves a few tickets and then head right on down to explore the country of Argentina. There are just so many girls down there that are so ridiculously hot that we are missing out on. Like Clara Alonso for example, […]

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Wealthy Wheels Frat Fury

Sabrina Ravelli

Argentinean model Sabrina Ravelli has posed for various magazines; FHM, Maxim, H, and many more. You gotta love the title of the photo shoot for these pics here, ‘Super Globos’ or in English, ‘Super Balloons.’ Sabrina is considered a provocative model in her homeland and […]

The Escudero Sisters

You gotta admire those families that get along well; they have their family photos on the fireplace mantel and the yearly Christmas photo gets mailed out to friends and loved ones. But these two hot sisters, Silvina (the brunette) and Vanina (the dirty blonde) Escudero […]

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Carolina Ardohain

Carolina Ardohain is an ultra hot Argentinean girl that we can’t believe we haven’t done a feature article on yet on Out of Aces. She has hosted her own TV variety shows, “El Rayo”, “El Sitio and “El Show de Flo” in Spain and looked […]

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