Elisabeth Giolito

The name of Elisabeth Giolito sounds foreign to many, but she’s actually an American bikini model from California. This chick on her twenties is creating a name for herself with the influx of her steamy bikini and lingerie pictures. Her pretty faces and dagger curves […]

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Rachel Moore

Young, sweet and sexy Rachel Moore is the kind of girlfriend we men want. Her mouth-watering curves, lovely face, and natural curly hair might be the good things you consider, but there’s the financial side to this babe as well. No matter what clothes, swimwear […]

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Robin Buss

This sweetheart modeling sexy lingerie is no other than Robin Buss. She’s an American fashion model, but we’re more fond of seeing her posing with this kind of stuff. According to a survey, men wanted their bedtime partners to wear lingerie that’s something black or […]

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Ashley Sky

Spice up your week with the return of this hot American model from Miami. Ashley Sky is a very popular hottie on many social media pages, most specially on Tumblr. Her name suggests the colors of heaven. So true, thanks to her inviting and steamy […]

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Christina Zapolski

Most tall models don’t appear photogenic in some angles, but that’s not the case for Christina Zapolski. This model is half-an-inch closer to six feet. That is 4.5 inches more than the average height of American girls. Photographers love her flexibility in front of the […]

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Paula Labaredas

Paula Labaredas I found the 2012 movie Attack of the 50ft Cheerleader extremely hilarious. It’s not really that good, but the hot girls that include Paula Labaredas made me watch it ’til the end. Aside from acting, Paula is also into modeling. She is of […]

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Jade Scarmazzo

Jade Scarmazzo Jade Scarmazzo is young, beautiful and full of passion. This dark-blonde bikini and fashion model with mesmerizing green eyes is working with the top agencies from all around the world. Many are waiting for this fresh flower to bloom and take herself to […]

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Madeline Zima

Madeline Zima Madeline Zima is one of the most elegant women you can meet on the planet. This American actress has been active in various TV series since the 90s. She’s not just a talented actress, but an effective model as well. In fact, she […]

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Gio Ott

Gio Ott Gio Ott is an American lingerie model best known of her works for Triumph International and Frederick‚Äôs of Hollywood. She also appeared in the commercial ads of many clothing brands such as Esprit and Puma. Gio’s favorite hobby is surfing, that’s the reason […]

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Heather Shanholtz

The gorgeous and daring Heather Shanholtz deserves a page in this wealth-loaded site. This bikini and glamour model is 28 years old and a native from Miami, Florida. She travels often to fulfill her duty as a model around the US and abroad. Watch out […]

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