Gal Gadot

Gal is a gal you’ll surely want to have around. She’s one hot chick we all love to see more. Gal hails from Israel and she is a famous actress in her country. If you’re a keen observant you might have noticed her in the […]

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Sno E. Blac

A new face in the acting/modeling world has recently been discovered. She goes by the name of Sno E. Blac. This actress, model and TV host was born on June 17 in Loma Linda, California and has lived in other locations such as Florida, Georgia […]

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Kayla Ewell

Kayla Ewell is a super hot actress that doesn’t get as much attention as she deserves. Here to help you appreciate her a little bit more are 9 pictures of her in sexy clothing, such as bikinis and lingerie. That should get the motor revvin’.

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Arielle Kebbel

Arielle Kebbel has always been known as the All-American girl next door type, but with some of these new pictures that have been released of her, she seems to be the type of girl next door, that might sneak out of her bedroom window and […]

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Diora Baird

Diora Baird is a hot AMerican actress and model who has done work for companies like Guess and has appeared in movies like Wedding Crashers and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. We know one thing is for sure, we would wach any movie that this babe […]

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Alice Greczyn

Alice Greczyn is a TV actress that has appeared in such roles as Windfall, playing the teenager Frankie Townsend. Also Sage on the ABC family show Lincoln Heights. In 2008 she played Mandy on Privileged. We think that no matter what show she was on […]

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Summer Glau

Even though we are right in the middle of winter that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a bit of Summer at the same time. By Summer of course we mean Summer Glau, who we feel is pretty aptly named because this girl is definitely […]

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Kelly Hu

Kelly Hu is a stunning actress of Chinese, Hawaiian and English origins. Ever since the first time that we laid eyes on her we knew that she would make it extremely hard for us to forget about her, not that we would ever want to. […]

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Holly Weber

Holly Weber Holly Weber is a hottie with an extensive career as ana actress that can instantly make anything she is in infinitely better just with her presence. We would happily watch anythiing that Holly is in just to catch a glimpse of her.

Rosa Blasi

Rosa Blasi is an American actress that makes just about anything that she acts in infinitely better just with her presence. Take a bad movie or TV show and throw Rosa Blasi in there and you have instantly got yourself a winner.

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