Ariadne Diaz

You know it’s gonna be a good day when babes like Ariadne Diaz comes your way. Our favorite Spanish-speaking publication, H Para Hombres, delivers the goods yet again with their latest feature of this Mexican mamacita. Like her equally-beautiful Latina sisters we’ve featured before, Ariadne […]

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Barbara Palvin

We are pretty sure that you miss this Hungarian sweetheart. That’s why we decided to bring you some of the recent photos of the ever sweet, gorgeous and irresistible Barbara Palvin. And the surprising fact is that she looks like she hasn’t aged a bit. […]

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Danita Paner

The bright lights, the lifestyle and the craziness of show business shouldn’t come as a surprise to Danita Paner. The Filipina singer and actress comes from a family of stars, including a sister who made a killing decades ago, and a mom who was more […]

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Ashley Hinshaw

Frederick’s of Hollywood lives up to its name by employing a real Hollywood star for their campaign. They’ve tapped the services of Ashley Hinshaw and the results are mind-bendingly beautiful. Actual fashion models are adept in wearing lingerie, but it’s a whole different game when […]

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Melanie Laurent

Melanie Laurent The thing about the French is that they really are a philosophical and artistic people. But the thing about this French actress is that aside from being artistic, talented, and brainy, she also sizzles with hotness and sex appeal. Melanie Laurent has been […]

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Kim Lee

Surely you won’t mind having another go with Kim Lee. It’s safe to say that success will come this babe’s direction, one way or another. She’s obviously beautiful, but her talents will take her beyond. You might have seen her in the second ‘Hangover’ movie […]

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Sofia Jaramillo

There’d be a lot less war and suffering in the world if we all follow Sofia Jaramillo’s philosophy. It’s not actually difficult, because it involves believing in a higher power, loving your work and loving your family. A little romance in between working really hard […]

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Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis has one of the most beautiful eyes in the planet. Just look at those mesmerizing orbs that seem to look straight to your soul. But that’s just one sexy part of this talented American actress. She also has a very sexy figure. And […]

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Sherlyn Chopra

Last year, Sherlyn Chopra made history by becoming the first Indian model to appear nude on the cover of Playboy magazine. This grabbed everyone’s attention, resulting in a controversy. And sadly, this didn’t bode well to all movie producers, which resulted in her relegation to […]

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Analeigh Tipton

Analeigh Tipton Analeigh Tipton is a super cool American hottie. And you know why? She is a figure skater. Isn’t that just cool? Aside from being a figure skater, she’s also quite popular as fashion model and film actress. She came to prominence after appearing […]

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