Seven Stills Whipnose Whiskey

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Any guesses on why this drink is called what it is? From the artisanal hands behind the Seven Stills of San Francisco comes the Whipnose Whiskey. If you haven’t got a clue yet, ‘whipnose’ is the whip of hop aroma that you get upon cracking a bottle open. The whiskey started as a Pacific Brew Laboratory beer from San Francisco. Seven Stills knew that their double IPA would make a killer whiskey so they started brewing 65 barrels of Whipnose IPA which yielded 165 gallons. The whiskey was subsequently aged in new American Oak Barrels for half a year before being bottled. Be treated to tastes of citruses, wildflowers and spices, with a body that exudes of dried fruit. This then culminates in a smooth finish that goes with a hint of maple syrupy taste. Whipnose isn’t your typical mass-produced whiskey and the process has yielded some 2,000 bottles. Needless to say, this is a limited-edition drink. $36.

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