Ryoko Kuninaka

Presenting one of Okinawa, Japan’s biggest actress and singer, the gorgeous Ryoko Kuninaka. Born June 9, 1979 currently lives in Naha City in Okinawa, Japan and works for Vision Factory. Ryoko Kuninaka worked part-time at a Zenzai store when she was first discovered by a talent scout. In 1998, she entered the “Idol High School” for aspiring female entertainers and debuted in a Fuji TV drama, at age 18, playing a character named after herself, “Ryoko”. A year after she starred in the TBS drama “LxIxVxE”. In the following years she has been in the NHK drama series “Churasan”, was voted in 2001, the “Best Smile of the Year” award and “Best Newcomer” at the “Golden Arrow Awards”. In 2003, she began her career as a singer singing the theme song to “Churasan 2” titled “Ryukyu Moon”. In 2004, she released her first album “Furusato” and her second single “Meguri aeta ne”, which is the theme song to “Churasan 3”.

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