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Designed by Darwin Machines, the latest computing device by PurePC will blow the mind of all the hardcore geeks who are searching for the best PC they can get their hands on. Featuring a precision-engineerd chassis, the Pure Luxury PC has an Intel i7 990x processor overclocked to 5Ghz, ASUS X58 Rampage III motherboard with two NVIDIA GTX 580s, two 128GB Kingston V+ SSD and two, 1TB Western Digital Caviar Black 7200RPM HDDs, a Slim Blu-ray Disc burner, 12GB Kingston HyperX T1 Series DDR3 2000MHz RAM and a whole lot more techie goodies. There is also a list of additional options if you want to push further, but for those who want to settle for the standard one, the price for the Pure Luxury PC starts at $9,500.

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