Paulina Vega

Colombia must be one of our most-featured countries here in Aces and in our affiliate sites. With their multitude of beautiful women, the South American nation is simply paradise on Earth. Having said that, you’d think the country would be the most dominant force in the Miss Universe pageant, or any other beauty contest for that matter. But you’d be wrong. Paulina Vega may have won the 2014 title but the last to bag it was Luz Marina Zuluaga, nearly six decades ago. To put that into perspective, Charles de Gaulle was still the President of France back then, and Dwight Eisenhower was the top dog of the USA. The route to Miss Universe wasn’t really a conventional one for Paulina Vega, however. She didn’t compete in other pageants before joining Miss Colombia. Not only did she win that but she went on to win the biggest prize of them all.

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