Old Pulteney Navigator Single Malt Whisky

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Brainstorming or looking for a change of direction? Let the Navigator Single Malt Whisky from the Old Pulteney Distillery help. Coming from Wick, Scotland, the distillery has a long history and the people behind it has perfected the art of bringing the best whisky. The area of origin for the Navigator forbade the consumption of alcohol for several decades but fortunately, it’s not the case today. Barley is milled then the resultant mash is fermented with dried yeast sourced from South Africa. Then the whisky is matured in bourbon and sherry barrels to bring out the best taste. You’d be treated to a full-bodied flavor with citrus, coffee and chocolate. The finish has hints of caramel and spices – the perfect homage to the seafaring people of Wick, hence the Navigator name. $47.

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