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Made to withstand magnetic forces up to 1,000 gauss strong, the New Rolex Milgauss, however, couldn’t keep us from being attracted to it. From the super clean look to the exciting color combination, you’ll see that this isn’t your typical Rolex. The green sapphire crystal, a first by Rolex and introduced on the Milgauss in 2007 is nicely contrasted by the blue dial. There’s even a change in the seconds hand because this one features a lightning bolt. Housed in a 40mm steel Oyster case, the watch is protected from the forces of magnetism via a variety of ways. Rolex surrounds the 3131 Manufacture Rolex movement with ferromagnetic materials. Of course, this is a Superlative Chronometer with official certification so accuracy is paramount. Key components like the oscillator and escapement are also immune to the effects of magnetism, because they’re made of paramagnetic materials that are Rolex’s trade secrets. Because of the Milgauss’ resistance to magnetism, it was the watch of choice for the scientists at the CERN lab. In case you’ve forgotten, those geniuses use large, extremely powerful magnets to smash atoms to see what happens. This means that the Rolex Milgauss is not only the watch of choice for stylish people, but for bright minds as well. $TBD.

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