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What would a trip be without a nip or two of your favorite whisky or rum? Of course, that would be good if you’re actually at your destination, not while you’re driving towards it. With the exception being if you’re just a passenger. The point is, don’t drink and drive. Now with that out of the way, let me introduce you to The Mountain Flasks. Bring along 7oz of your favorite liquid in the most stylish way imaginable. These flasks are made of stainless steel with a screw top. But the most interesting bit of course are the designs available. The Mountain introduces Combat Sam and Marine Sam, a bulldog with an attitude. Maybe you’re a bit more interested in canines of a wilder variety. Then the Night Breed and the Three Wolf Moon Classic Flasks might be to your liking. Fans of the undead aren’t forgotten either, as The Mountain gives you the Zombie Horde and Zombie Pit Bull Face Flasks. The designs are so good, you probably won’t be keeping these flasks in your back pocket. They’ve available now through The Mountain’s website. $18.

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