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There are playing card designs that boggle your mind in terms of complexity and the degree of difficulty in making them. The Minim Playing Cards is the antithesis of that. Instead of ornate drawings or artwork, the deck is as clean as you can get. Joe Doucet Studio is the genius behind the design of this deck. They thought of removing as much as possible to a card’s design, while maintaining a discernible look. Instead of elaborate drawings for all four suits, you’ll find shapes. Black triangle for the spades, an inverted red triangle for the hearts, three circles for the spades and a diamond for, well, diamonds. Nothing goes in the middle of the deck either – only the two corners carry the cards’ value. The back is simpler still, with a single diagonal line distinguishing it from the face. After all the design truncations on the Minim though, the deck is completely playable. $12.

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