Jim Beam Single Barrel Bourbon

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Good things come to those who wait and for bourbon fans, this bottle couldn’t have come any sooner. For the first time ever, Jim Beam is offering a Single Barrel Bourbon. A lot of issues arise for single barrels, but it seems like the distillers at Jim Beam have sorted those out. The drink is hand-picked from special barrels at the Jim Beam warehouses. Less than 1% qualify for the title ‘Single Barrel’ so you can only imagine the stringent quality control employed for this particular drink. The result is a rich bourbon, something that would be enjoyed neat or over the rocks. Though nothing would stop you from mixing the Single Barrel Bourbon to your favorite cocktail. Except maybe the fiery 95 proof rating for the drink. That number is significant because Jim Beam himself started the company in 1795 and it’s certainly a fitting tribute. Available in March. $35.

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