Hysek IO Skeleton Tourbillon

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Your eyes aren’t fooling you – the Hysek IO Skeleton Tourbillon is the real deal. Though it may seem like an unfinished project, the watch is a demonstration of Hysek’s commitment to removing fluff and other unnecessary elements to a fine timepiece. It begins with a wide, 49mm case made of 18kt rose gold. Within that is a Hysek Manufacture HW12 in-house caliber with 17 jewels that’s able to keep the watch moving for about 80 hours. The tourbillon escapement is definitely showcased properly within the IO. You can clearly see the Rose Des Vents pattern on the mechanism, adding to the allure of the watch. Designing with negative space in mind is definitely more challenging. Some watch designs go way over the top by adding several patterns and complexities on a watchface. This isn’t the way Hysek envisioned the IO. The term minimalist might be a bit of an understatement for the IO as you can plainly see. You may also notice the absence of markers or indicators, save for the four odd numbers around the dial. This is also unusual but seems to work for the IO. Only 8 samples will be made. $TBD.

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