GT/33 Game Table: All The Right Games

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Geoffrey Taylor GT/33 Game Table
Geoffrey Taylor GT/33 Game Table

You’d have to use a computer to have more games than this game table, handcrafted by Geoffrey Parker. Described as “the most comprehensive game table ever made”, it features 33 games into one luxurious package. The entire table and all the games are hand-built, with the exposed surfaces covered in Dauphin calf leather. All your favorite board games come with it; chess, backgammon, bridge, and dominoes among others. The center panel hides the Mahogany roulette wheel on one side and a chess board on its flip side. An array of cupboards hide the game boards, printed on lamb skin. Drawers hide the game pieces. You can pre-pick the game you want to play but where’s the fun in that? Get the whole shebang and no game will be left unplayed. ~$20,000.

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