Ferrari F2000 Gearbox Furniture: You Decide The Decor

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Ferrari F2000 Gearbox Furniture
Ferrari F2000 Gearbox Furniture

The new millenium marked the dominance of Michael Schumacher in the Formula 1 world and he was helped in part by the reliability of the parts from his F2000 Ferrari race car. Now’s your chance to own a unique and vital part of that car, the seven-speed gearbox. Signed by Schumi, Jead Todt, and Luca Cordero di Montezemolo themselves, the gearbox will either become a table, a lamp, or a custom table top stand. You can’t use the gearbox for your car so why not showcase it as a piece of furniture for all the world to see right? And with the recent spying controversy between McLaren and Ferrari, the Prancing Horse from Maranello won’t be too keen in releasing parts from their cars soon so this piece of history is destined to be a collector’s item. $10,000.

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