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It’s topless and it’s turbo-charged, and those are reasons enough to make you fall in love with the new Ferrari California T. The Prancing Horse’s latest GT car comes with a new V8 engine that’s loaded with a turbo for faster acceleration and overall top speed. Ferrari builds their road cars side-by-side with their Formula 1 racers and since the new F1 rules require a turbocharger for their engines, the Scuderia felt that they should be applying the same technology to their road cars. That massive power is coupled to a dual-clutch, F1-style gearbox as well. The result is a California T that’s able to go from 0-100 kmh in just 3.6 seconds, onwards to a top speed of 316 kmh. Impressive numbers, considering this car has a retractable top which gives you plenty of head room when the weather permits it. From coupe to spider in just 14 seconds, the California T is definitely going to be a head turner no matter where you take it. $TBD.

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