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Paying homage to their first mid-rear engine V8, the 308 GTB, Ferrari is updating the 458 with the 488 GTB. The screaming 458 is pretty enough as it is, but Scuderia Ferrari felt that it needed something more. So they’ve sculpted a new body for the 488 GTB, given it better aerodynamics and pumped up the engine even further. The new turbocharged V8 delivers a monstrous 660 rampaging Italian horses coupled to a seven-speed gearbox. This results in an astonishing 0-62 mph time of just 3 seconds onwards to a top speed north of 205 mph. A clever side slip control angle system also provides fantastic acceleration for the 488 GTB out of the corners. Inside, you’ll be treated to a clean dash with updated graphics on the instrument cluster. Needless to say, the new Ferrari 488 GTB will be a worthy addition to your stable. $TBA.

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