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Office workers and, bless their hearts, bloggers, know the difficulty of proper posture while in front of the computer. Countless websites and numerous articles have studied the importance of ergonomics at work. Very few however, can follow it. If you’re the type who prefer working sitting down, designers Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber has something excellent for you. The Embody Chair is just what its name implies – a chair that embodies, or encapsulates you. It has a form-fitting structure that encourages proper posture while you’re seated. Because your body has a tendency to move around, the chair moves right along with you. This in turn encourages proper blood flow to various parts of your system, which relieves you of stress. No stress means a lot of extra energy for you to keep the creativity flowing. Very important when you’re signing billion-dollar deals or even when you’re happily updating your blog. Like all bodies, the Embody Chair is covered with skin. The textile allows for proper ventilation to keep your own skin comfortable, even if you’re seated all day long. Eco-conscious users will also be thrilled to know that 95% of the chair can be recycled after its usable life. Available in different frame colors and skins. $1,209+.

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