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Master distillers and his equivalent often get the credit when premium drinks are being discussed. Very few people recognize the efforts of the people who do the grunt work. Before a tequila gets bottled, tons and tons of agave ‘piñas’ have to be harvested, cut and roasted. Simply put, without them, there would be no tequila. The harvesters are called ‘jimadors’ and that’s the history behind the name of this tequila brand. El Jimador has several blends encompassing the familiar tequila range. This includes the Blanco, Reposado and Añejo. The Tequila Blanco is clear, with a rich agave aroma and a citrusy flavor. Perfect for the Mojito, Spicy Cosmo or Orange Agave cocktails. The Reposado has a slightly amber hue into it that opens with a buttery aroma with a hint of vanilla and caramel on the flavor side. El Jimador recommends their Reposado for your next Margarita or even Jim’s Sour Apple cocktail. By the top shelf is the Añejo that’s recognizable by the darker amber color. Pop the cap and notes of hazelnut, vanilla and cinnamon greet you. Its flavor is a mixture of different spices with oak and cherry overtones. The Añejo should be perfect for your Premium Margarita or Batanga – just add Coca-Cola and some lime juice with a pinch of salt. So thanks to the jimadors and their tireless work ethic in gathering agave and for bring us tequila. $22+.

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