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Numerous studies have shown that napping is good for you. Just ask the Spanish. A well-timed afternoon siesta could just be the best pick-me-upper for your troubled mind. This is especially useful since we’re just beginning the week. Chase those dreams, even during the day time, as you comfortably rest on the Eames Chaise. The chair is just 18 inches wide, enough to rest your back. Your arms should be by your chest, encouraging you to doze off. Once your arms fall, chances are, you’d wake up. This way, you don’t oversleep because it’s just as bad as not taking a nap at all. The power nap should give you that boost you so badly need. It comes with a die-cast aluminum frame for strength and to keep the weight down. This way, you can move the Chaise to whichever position in your room or office you feel like dozing off. Six foam cushions give you a soft surface to sleep on, plus there’s an additional two loose cushions for strategic placement. The Chaise is available now from Herman Miller. $5,777.

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