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We really can’t stress this enough – more people are killed each day from water-borne diseases than war and other violent ways. The world needs clean water and we can help provide that for those most in need. Charity: water has been in the fight for clean water and they need additional warriors for the battle. Get one (or a hundred) of these charity: water blue decks and you too can be helping in the fight. That’s because 100% of the sales of this very deck will go directly to the organization that provides clean water to the world. We’ve seen a deck that helps in the cause before. That was yellow, meant to highlight the logo of the cause. This new deck is in blue, signifying the coolness of water that’s safe to drink. Just for reference: Think of the time that you experienced extreme thirst. Wasn’t all that fun, right? Now imagine that punishing ordeal tenfold – that’s how desperate the situation is for some people. Buy this deck and alleviate their sufferings. And you’d get an ultra cool set of cards in the process. It’s a win-win for you and charity: water. Saving a life (or several hundred lives) is always good. $5.

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