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2012 Dassault Falcon 7X

Go farther, faster and safer with this brand-new business jet from Dassault. The 2012 model of the Falcon 7X has not one, not two, but three engines to give you plenty of power and incredible range. It can go non-stop from Paris to Tokyo or […]

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Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow Yacht

Mercedes-Benz increases its limits by moving from the road to the sea. The company has teamed up with UK-based Silver Arrows Marine to present the designs of their latest creation at the prestigious Monaco Yacht Show. Called Silver Arrow Motor Yacht, this 14-meter-long luxury vessel […]

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Old Homestead Steakhouse Kobe Beef

Visit this restaurant in New York and taste their luscious Kobe beef. Old Homestead Steakhouse’s version gives a different kind of taste and texture which can give you more than just satisfaction and heavenly experience. As with other Kobe beef, it’s made from Wagyu, a […]

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Jewel-Studded iPhone 5 Case

Jewel-Studded iPhone 5 Case The craze towards Apple’s new iPhone 5 is still on. While many can lay their hands on the latest smartphone, only few can afford this jewel-studded iPhone 5 case from NYC’s The Natural Sapphire Company. The case is an 18-carat white […]

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2007 Embraer Legacy 600

Somebody’s really looking forward to unloading this large business jet pronto and it’s yours for the picking. It’s a 2007 model Embraer 135BJ Legacy 600 with nearly 1,900 hours of total time under its wings. No details were given but seeing the interior photos, this […]

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120m Expose Superyacht Concept

Earlier, we saw the longest yacht ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ and now, there’s one more big yacht coming up from Icon Yachts, the 120-meter Expose Superyacht Concept. To come up with this model, they teamed up with Impossible Productions Inc. This big vessel has all the […]

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Four Aces

Invest in a winner, something like this megayacht from Benetti. Four Aces is a 183-foot, Lloyd’s class vessel that sleeps up to a dozen people in seven state rooms. As expected, all suites are spacious, given the size of this superyacht. She’s so large in […]

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Los Angeles NetJets

This is good news for NetJets clients. The company has opened their private airport terminal in Los Angeles. The terminal, which is exclusive only for NetJets clients, will help you travel with ease and traffic-free. What makes this private airport even more outstanding is that […]

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Todd Reed Men’s Jewelry

Todd Reed Men’s Jewelry Todd Reed gained popularity with his handcrafted and elegant jewelry for women. Recently, the designer released a new collection of contemporary jewelry for men. They’re distinct and true to the masculine styles. The new collection includes different pieces made of high-end […]

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2005 Cessna Columbia 400

Generally speaking, flying cars are still in the realm of science fiction so we’re not completely sold on that idea. However, you could totally get planes that somehow resemble a car, but is designed to be an aircraft and nothing else. One look at the […]

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