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Imogen Lovell

Who doesn’t love somebody as lovely as Imogen Lovell? Nobody, that’s who. This beautiful Aussie model has been the face of several brands and magazines. It’s actually a long list and we won’t bore you with that stuff. We all know that we should just […]

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Yeva Don

Born in Russia but carrying an Israeli passport, Yeva Don is another fine example of globetrotting beauties. Like all of the babes we’ve featured before her, Yeva offers a unique look and an astounding grace that can only be seen from professionals like her. That […]

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Dominica Duque

The paradise beaches in the northern part of Colombia are filled with hot girls like Dominica Duque. Just like a hidden treasure in the Caribbean, Dominica is a beauty you’ll love to discover. She was Colombia’s representative to the Miss Universe beauty pageant few years […]

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Hannah Eldred

Maxim Thailand had the wonderful idea of featuring Hannah Eldred and we’re thankful for that. From what I can gather about this babe, I have discovered that she’s Australian and she has no problems displaying her sexiness in bikini form. Zoo Magazine understood her potential […]

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Sabina Kwasek

We don’t see a lot of Polish models but when we do, they’re absolutely breathtaking. Such as the case for Sabina Kwasek. While the world may not be too familiar with her, she’s simply spectacular. From what I’ve gathered, she’s a fashion model who was […]

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Melissa Bolona

Edging over 20,000 other beauties and rising to the top of the Beach Bunny Swimwear search is Melissa Bolona (or strictly speaking, BoloƱa). The beautiful lady graduated from Pace University in New York with a degree in International Marketing so it’s safe to say that […]

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Alessia Menozzi

Some girls get all the ink in the world, no matter how idiotic their acts may be. Others who are much, much worthier of our time, don’t seem to get noticed. If you search about Alessia Menozzi, no matter how extensive or exhaustive the search, […]

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Rozanna Purcell

Beauty queens tend to become excellent models, thanks to their height and amazing good looks. Just like the path taken by Rozanna Purcell. Miss Universe Ireland 2010 just celebrated her 22nd birthday and this is our small tribute to her. She was one of the […]

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Ashley Hinshaw

Frederick’s of Hollywood lives up to its name by employing a real Hollywood star for their campaign. They’ve tapped the services of Ashley Hinshaw and the results are mind-bendingly beautiful. Actual fashion models are adept in wearing lingerie, but it’s a whole different game when […]

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Alena Otto

It’s a kind of magic, seeing beautiful ladies like Alena Otto. While she belongs to a whole bunch of modeling agencies, none of them have listed anything about her whereabouts. What we can deduce from her many galleries is that Alena is a successful fashion […]

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