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Michella Cruz

A lot of girls have been compared to Angelina Jolie but few match the expectations. Somebody who exceeds that is the Brazilian beauty Michella Cruz. She has been a fashion model for the past decade or so and she reminds people of the Hollywood superstar, […]

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Tiffany Taylor

Who would be dumb enough to take a nap beside Tiffany Taylor when she’s looking like this? One of her latest works for Playboy has the title ‘Nap Time Lover‘ but a shuteye would be the last thing on our minds when going beside Miss […]

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Liza Berggren

Liza Berggren was discovered after winning the Miss World Sweden way back in 2005. She has since then continued to turn hotter and hotter, and more beautiful as ever. She has also entered the fashion world by becoming a model. As a model, she has […]

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Annelyse Schoenberger

Let’s make your summer even hotter by presenting you one of the hottest girls in Brazil. Annelyse Schoenberger is her name. Yes, make sure to jot that name down because she’ll surely be your favorite. That’s guaranteed. This Brazilian supermodel is affiliated with Elite Models […]

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Natasha Barnard

Do you ever feel that the statement ‘Natasha Barnard is the face of Wonderbra’ is inherently problematic? We really appreciate her gorgeous face and all, but she’s modeling brassiere so we are predisposed to look at the area beneath her chin and between her navel. […]

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Megan Young

The Philippine archipelago will be represented by Megan Young at the 2013 Miss World beauty pageant in another archipelago – Indonesia. Before plunging into the world of pageants, Megan was an actress and VJ in several shows in the Philippines. A lot of people questioned […]

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Maria Lyth

We present to you one of the hottest girls from Europe. And she comes by the name Maria Lyth. The Swedish fashion model is involved with several agencies in Denmark, Milan and Amsterdam. She’s no stranger to the high fashion life though and she was […]

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Raica Oliveira

Raica Oliveira is simply one of the most gorgeous and good-looking women in the planet. She’s Brazilian by the way, which is already a plus. She has become prominent due to her affiliations with Victoria’s Secret and she has also graced the covers of Vogue, […]

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Maite Perroni

Maite Perroni may not be famous in the international arena, but she’s a well-respected actress in her country. And that will be Mexico. This Mexican hottie has starred in various films in her country. She’s also known as a singer and songwriter, and as a […]

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Amanda Barten

Femilet’s Spring 2013 collection is simply outstanding because it features Amanda Barten. The Dutch fashion model has been around for a while but she hasn’t gained as much popularity than she deserves. Just look at her and nobody will question her hotness. Amanda has been […]

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