Brabus 700 6×6

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If you’re a fan of Top Gear UK, you may have seen what Richard Hammond drove in Dubai. That corner of the world is known for opulence and then some. People won’t even give you a second look if you’re driving a Bugatti Veyron. Unless it’s covered in solid gold or some other insane material. The Hamster famously added that to get everyone’s attention in Dubai, you need a car with more wheels. You’ll certainly turn heads wherever you go when you’re aboard the Brabus 700 6×6. Laughing in the face of mortal 4x4s, the car starts as the incredible Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG six-wheel drive behemoth. The tuners then added the details to make this extraordinary ride stand out even further. Mostly cosmetic changes to the car though, since it already carries a tank of an engine with 8 cylinders delivering 690 hp. But don’t think that this monster won’t catch up on you because from a standstill to 100 km/h only takes 4.4 seconds. Crazy fast and crazy looking, what else would you want? How about a luxurious interior, draped in leather and finished with all the trimmings of a luxury SUV that Brabus is known for. Wink Photographer absolutely captures the essence of this ride with these amazing photos. ~$760,000.

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