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Now’s the perfect time to lounge around the perimeter of your house (by the garden or the pool). And what better way to experience the outdoors than with musical accompaniment? Hitting the right notes is the new Bose SoundTouch outdoor speaker system. Hung by the walls, the speakers stream music from different sources via your home Wi-Fi. Beam music from the Internet or from your personal library to the SoundTouch and enjoy crystal clear sounds. Controlling your tunes is easy with the premium remote control that has its own built-in presets. Or you can simply download the SoundTouch app and let the controls be ready through your smartphone or tablet. The speakers themselves are designed to take on the elements. Its rugged construction protects it from water or sun-damage. This ruggedness also makes it durable, which means the sound coming out is fuller and would be heard better outside. Two choices of speakers will be available, depending on the space that you plan on projecting sounds. You can even order multiple speakers and set them on different parts of your property. A zone selection system even lets you program which tracks will play on which speakers, on various parts of the house. $778+.

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