Bluecoat American Dry Gin

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Distilled in Philadelphia, Bluecoat is the only American dry gin and it seems that it will be the next big thing in good tasting spirits. The citrusy taste of the five times distilled Bluecoat is contributed to the use of organic American lemon and orange peels. Only organic juniper berries are used so you don’t get that spicy pungent flavor that you do with traditional gins and the triple-filtered water ensures a crisp finish. But before you even break open the Bluecoat, take a look at the bottle alone! The bottle is made by a hand-hammered copper pot still and its cobalt blue coloring is striking. It’s definitely an eye catcher sitting upon the shelf with the other traditional translucent glass bottles. The blue and gold bottle symbolizes the blue jacket and gold buttons of the Bluecoat Soldiers from the Revolutionary War. $30.

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