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Who doesn’t love a panda? The animal is so lovable that there are people who are willing to deceive other people by turning their dogs into pandas. It’s despicable but you really can’t blame then since the panda are in short supply. They’re so cute that the United States Playing Card Company decided to create a new deck featuring the animal. The Bicycle Panda ‘Pandamonium’ deck features the mammal that’s become the poster child of conservationism around the world. Featuring original art work, the custom cards have hand drawn images of the black and white bear. As an added bonus, there are panda fun facts on the ad card. Each of the pip cards have a corresponding number of panda for extra cuteness. Made with Bicycle’s patented Air-cushion finish, the cards have beveled edges with a sandwich cushion for excellent play. The cards are available now and hopefully, this will open more eyes into the world of conservation. $4+.

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