Bicycle Civil War

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Nobody needs no civil war right now. Not unless it’s in playing card form. Once again, the US Playing Card Company delights us with its newest collection. The Bicycle Civil War deck features some of the prominent players in the American Civil War. Each individual card was designed by illustrator Jackson Robinson. He used a distinct ‘engraved’ style which sets this deck apart. The colors are vintage, with a distinct shade for each side of the war. For the Union side, a bluish hue is employed. For the Spades on this deck, the King is President Abraham Lincoln, the Queen is represented by First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln while the Jack is General William T. Sherman. Depicted on the Clubs are General Ulysses S. Grant for the King, Harriet Tubman as the Queen and Frederick Douglass as the Jack. On the other side is the Confederate side, with a reddish hue on the deck. The King of Hearts is President Jefferson Davis, Queen of Hearts is Belle Boyd, a Confederate spy while the Jack of Hearts is General Stonewall Jackson. General Robert E. Lee serves as the King of Diamonds, Rose O’Neal Greenhow is the Queen of Diamonds while General P.G.T. Beauregard acts as the Jack of Diamonds. No doubt, this deck would be perfect for history buffs. $4.

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