Azimuth Roulette Watch: Place Your Bets!

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Azimuth Roulette Watch
Azimuth Roulette Watch

Ever heard people say that they only gamble to pass the time? Well, those people can now gamble and watch time go by with the Azimuth Roulette Watch. As far as unique timepieces go, this one ranks very high. The roulette table-inspired watch isn’t just a design, it’s an actual, working roulette table. Press the crown, in the form of a die, and the white ball pops out and spins around then stops at a random number. The hands of the watch have holes to let you view the numbers underneath while the roulette wheel handle acts as the second hand. Turn over the watch if you feel a little discouraged and read the words “Beat The Casino”. Clever design and absolutely fascinating, Azimuth Watches will make only 5,000 pieces of this gambler of a watch and will be launched in time for the opening of the largest casino in Asia. $TBA.

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