Anonimo Militare Dual Time

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Converting time when you’re in a country other than your own isn’t really complicated at this day and age. Whip out your smartphone and then you’re good to go. But that takes too long compared to just flicking your wrist and checking the time. That’s really a whole lot easier with the Anonimo Militare Dual Time. Just as the model’s name says, the dial has dual time displays. It’s powered by two separate ETA 2678 self-winding mechanical movements. The top dial displays Time 1 plus a day/date window while the lower dial has a date window. Around the dial are markings featuring some of the world’s key cities and the time difference in each one. Everything is housed in a black steel DLC case that’s 43mm wide. Two crowns on the 6 and 12 o’clock positions let you adjust the time on both displays. Strategic hinges make access to the crowns easy. The Militare Dual Time is available in three models: black, ivory and black with yellow markings. $TBD.

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