2014 Bombardier Global 5000 Vision

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Long range with a classy interior like no other are just some of the finer qualities being offered by the new 2014 Bombardier Global 5000 Vision business jet. Able to hop from continental Europe to the West Coast of the United States, the jet has room for 14 guests and 3 crew members. Everyone will be treated to a differently-colored interior as well. While most jets available at the moment offer the typically boring beige or brownish trim, this jet comes in a darker shade. The forward cabin has a double cab while mid-cabin should be perfect for your conferences. Should you get tired during the flight, the aft cabin is convertible into two large beds or you can go real big and do a king size. The Global 5000 Vision is in London right now, being offered for sale by Malmberg Aviation. $TBD.

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